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I learned how to braid and haven’t been able to stop! It’s easy, relaxing and portable.
I designed this piece of jewelry which you can wear as either a necklace or bracelet.
It’s so simple to make, I thought I would share the technique with you.


transformative necklacetransformative bracelet


The technique is the ancient art of Kumihimo Braiding and I call the jewelry TransformativeTM.


I’ve put together a kit which includes everything you need:

Complete directions for an 8-strand braided necklace/bracelet, Kumihimo 6" disk, 8 bobbins, glue, binding thread,

12 yards of satin cord in your choice of colors and a magnetic clasp of your choosing. All is nicely packaged in a

zippered vinyl pouch, easy to take with you.




Choose your colors and clasp from the chart below.

Choose 2 colors for a simple spiral design or 4 colors for a more complex design.

If you choose 2 colors, you will receive 4 lengths of each color, each 54" long.

If you choose  4 colors, you will receive 2 lengths of each color, each 54" long.

This length of cord will result in a braid between 22" and 25".


Cost: $25 + $5.60 shipping

For other projects, all you will need is more satin cord and additional clasps. Satin
Cord is available for purchase at $.25 per yard ; clasps are $7.00 each.

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Do you live in the Boston area and want to have or attend a Kumihimo Party?

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Please choose two or four colors and one clasp

 Black 01

 Dark Gray 34

 Ivory 03

 Silver 32

 Rust 35

 Coral 90

 Peach 27

 Orange 10

 Beauty 71

 Brown 12

 Caramel 40

 Olive 17

 Ant. Gold 42

 Maize 13

 Coffee 18

 Avocado 20

 Mint 24

 Apple 21

 Dk Green 16

 Jungle 23

 Turquoise 33

 Teal 66

 Ice Blue 35

 Wmbrg Blue 83

 Royal 07

 Navy 08

 Lavender 31

 Purple 09

 Plum 43

 Wine 19

 Mauve 29

 Shocking Pink 04

 Red 05

 Magnetic Clasp Brass

 Magnetic Clasp Beaded

 Magnetic Clasp Fancy

 Magnetic Clasp Flat

Price: $25.00 Per Kit


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